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Steve's style continues to be a favorite with readers and editors. His poems, while simple and accessible on the surface, often open a complex recall within the reader, through beautifully crafted images and language. Poems in the book have been described as having the impact of short, short stories. Enjoy pieces from his book which was and entrant for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry and for a National Book Award.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thanks for all the messages and requests for me to post more pieces from Percy. I hate to sound selfish or greedy, but sales are still brisk and I know the nature of people. If you give them something free, they tend to get stingy with their money. So, yes, I will post more, but not quite yet. Right now I will read and perhaps shave. Maybe even travel a bit, but you can order a signed copy from this blog or one of my others.

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