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Monday, January 17, 2011

Talking With Triggers

Talking With Triggers

Perched in a live oak
cloaked in moss
my uncle waited
for a deer, wild boar
or turkey,
while beneath him
two men idled
out of the brush
and argued.
Neither looked up.
A shotgun blast
from one blew
the other back.
A life soaked quickly
into the crispy
forest floor.

A sheriff brought
my uncle home,
ripped gaping holes
into the family
with verbal buckshot
and left with us
a loaded shell of doubt.

Six years later,
barely 21,
my uncle’s own life
was soaked up by sand
on a riverbed
in Southeast Asia.

Two of the men
who had been
in a Georgia forest
one fall afternoon
are now reduced
to piles of  lead
and bone. The shell
of doubt still rests
in the chamber.

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